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Meet The Cake Maker



Hi, my name’s Becky. I’m the founder of BB Bakes and well… I really love cake. I mean reeeaaaally love it. You know that cake face people get when they first see a cake or take the first bite? The one of pure excitement or indulgence, well that is one of my favourite faces to witness. A moment of complete joy that I can bring to people.

I’ve been baking ever since I can remember and dreamed of having my own cake business just as long, so I took the leap and well here we are now.

I love designing and creating the dream cake for every customer. No two cakes will ever look the same - it will always be unique to you.

Based in Thirsk, North Yorkshire, I create wedding and celebration cakes, as well as personalised treat boxes. Whatever the occasion there is always an excuse for that cake face moment.

And remember… life’s too short and cake tastes too good so go on, grab another slice.

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